Currentium Powerbanks

When it comes to keeping your phone topped up, USB powerbanks are great, but when your power needs are little more ambitious, well…not so much.

Currentium combines the portability of USB powerbanks with the power supply versatility of much larger systems, a go anywhere solution that works for you – and the planet.

Weighing just 730 grams, charged in under an hour, and capable of powering adventures from a family picnic to full-blown expeditions, Currentium is the ultimate in personal power, only limited by your imagination.

Leaving just one question – where are you going to go today?

  • Universal
    • No matter what portable device you want to power, Currentium can meet your needs. Its 12V native and compatible with the millions of USB PD or 110-220v mains adapters for car power sockets on the market today.
  • Scalable
    • A single block for lightweight portability, or link together for the ultimate in portable power stations
  • Rugged
    • Weatherproof for complete dust and rain resistance – hike, canoe, explore with complete peace of mind
  • Flexible
    • Charge from multiple sources, solar, mains, car, quickly and easily
    • Works with optional multiple solar panels for fast charging 
  • Efficient
    • For best results attach widely available 12v devices – no more power lost through unnecessary conversion – here are examples <link>
    • Pass-through-charging with no loss for max efficiency and longest battery calendar life
    • Solar priority using. Solar power harvesting is maximised by letting power reach where it is needed with minimal steps. 
  • Long-lasting
    • Average USB power bank technology uses Li-On cells, which typically lose efficiency after 300-500 cycles. Currentium uses LFP technology, good for 2000 cycles
  • Airline Friendly
    • Take several with you in your carry-on on your next trip.

All the power of your car – in the palm of your hand. Anything you can plug into a 12-volt car socket (and more), you can now power on the go.

Currentium makes products that enable you to power all your tools all day and all night anywhere.

Power laptops, cameras, drones, lighting and more with our universal flexible power banks.

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Currentium’s mission is to empower the World’s Population to work and play anywhere on Earth in the most environmentally friendly and energy efficient way possible. We will soon be launching our first crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter