Currentium MC Connection Kit

Automatic Charging from a Motorcycle

Version Beta 1.0 20210902

Whether you are working with Riders for Health, doing an epic round the world trip, or trying to get things done away from the electric grid; electric power makes the difference how productive you are and for how long.

The Currentium MC Connection kit and instructions below enables you to charge Currentium batteries from your motorbike, automatically when it is running to use anywhere electric power is needed. This is especially useful in areas or times away from the grid where solar power is limited, maybe due to heavy clouds, nighttime, winter season, or limited space. The Currentium Battery will get a full charge in 1,5 hours of running the bike, automatically switching off the charging when the bike is switched off to protect the bike’s starter battery from going flat.

This should be suitable for all motorbikes with 100cc and greater with a 12 volt battery.


A Motorcycle, just like a car is a generator on wheels, with an abundant source of electricity. Most motorcycles have 12v batteries and chargers that run the starter motor and onboard electrics like lighting. Once the built in battery is full, all extra electrical energy the motorbike produces is lost as heat in the regulator. It can instead be used to charge your Currentium Battery for use on or away from the motorcycle. This kit connects to the Car charger (DC harvester module) to give a safe and controlled charging of the Currentium Battery.

Charging location

The best place to store any electronics is in a tank bag so that the battery can be plugged in and protected from rain and vibration while driving and stopping. It also enables the charging of one or more phones and other accessories at the same time as you drive. 

Choosing a tank bag

Choose a tank bag that fits your bike and can hold a phone, the battery and charger and anything else you need. It should have an extra rain cover and be easy to remove to take with you.

What you need to install:

Wrench to remove battery poles

Multimeter to find connection point for control wire

(Zip Ties)

The assembled parts in the kit.

How to Install.

The kit is easy to install. 

  1. Open the access to the battery and attach the connectors to the battery with a wrench. 
  2. Find a good place to put the wires so that they carge connector reaches your tank bag
  3. Find a connector that switches on when the ignition is switched on. Sometimes the lights are a good place, but varies from model to model.

Congratulations. You are now ready to connect the charger and get automatic charging from your bike wherever you arewhen you are riding.