Currentium Search and Rescue Power

With Solar Kit Example (Endurance: 60 hours to Unlimited)

Using Currentium Power Banks in a Search and Rescue Scenario

Example Kit Configuration:

  • Currentium Power Banks
  • Power Indicator
  • Communications radio with continuous power
  • Smartphone with Gps Maps (on and offline) with continuous power
  • Drone with camera
  • Drone controller and viewer
  • Drone Charger
  • Rechargeable Headlamp
  • Rechargeable flashlight
  • Powerful search light 10-30W LED
  • Solar Panel
  • Solar Charge Controller
  • Universal Charger/Harvester 5-30V
  • Currentium connection adaptors (several)

Let’s look at the parts that make up an example of a Currentium Search and Rescue Power Kit, but first a few words about the idea as a whole.

The key to keeping power on the go with minimum weight and maximum endurance is to have a powerful and flexible powerbank that can keep all of your tools powered efficiently at the same time while you are on the go. In this example setup here with all the tools in the list, you can keep your kit powered for up to 60 hours continuously without any sunshine or access to any external power. With sunshine or a few hours external power access, for example from a car you have power for unlimited endurance. The Curentium Power Components weigh only 1-2kg (2,2-4,5lbs) to enable this.

The heart of the system is the powerbank. Its smaller than most water bottles and can fit most anywhere. It can directly and efficiently run anything that you can plug into your car power socket. 

The radio and the smartphone are connected to the powerbank at all times to make sure they always have power. They can be positioned where they are viewable with minimum effort. All cables can be routed through the vest. The Drone batteries can be charged while in this pouch from the main power bank while on the go to always have spare drone power. Even the headlamp and other tools can be recharged on the go in the pocket.

To make battery swap really easy if necessary, we have connected all the parts to a currentium extension and the extension to the power bank. The solar panel on the back of the vest is connected to the power bank when on the move or the universal charger when traveling in a car. That means that all the batteries are at maximum charge whenever possible.

Also, There is huge versatility by having 2 efficient power banks instead of one larger. If you want you can remove one and charge in a car or leave in a sunny place with the solar panel to charge while the other one is on you keeping everything running.

I hope this gave you a quick overview of how currentium power banks can keep you going in the toughest environments. Check out the homepage for more information.