Field Medical Workers

Tracking and Reporting outbreaks like Covid-19 and treating people off-the-grid can be almost impossible as communication and lighting are paramount. For example health workers supporting childbirth in villages without power at night is very risky.

Here is a kit for health workers designed to keep up to 4 cellphones an/or a laptop and headlamps, room lights and optionally a fetal Doppler for monitoring unborn childrens health.

  • Health Workers Power Kit
    • Solar panel 10W and mppt charge controller
    • Battery 65Wh
    • 3x 12v outputs
    • 2×2 usb adapteres
    • 1-2 rechargeable headlamps
    • 1-2 room lights 4w 12v(on one connector)with extension (2x5meters) dimmable1
    • usb to micro charge cables
    • multicharge cable
  • Optional
    • AA/AAA rechargeable battery charger
    • Fetal Doppler with rechargeable batteries (eg Hi Bebe Foetal Doppler with Sound )
  • Weight
    • 1,5kg-2kg
The solar panel can be attached to the outside of a carry case for charging on the go.