How the solar panels are designed and work

Currentium Solar panel design and demonstration

The Currentium Solar Panel design is optimised to charge our batteries in the most efficient way possible. The size and weight have been minimised while flexibility in usage has been maximised so that the panels can easily be combined in different ways as your needs change from day to day. Their size was chosen so that you could fold them up and store them in a laptop sleeve with your laptop at the same time so that they take up as little space as possible when not used.

Laptop and panels fit in same slieve


  • Power: 20W nominal (expandible to 80W in 4x configuration)
  • Effective Power: 10-15W each
  • Voltage: 20 Voc
  • Size: 21cm x 29cm when folded (A4 size)
  • Thickness: 3mm 
  • Weight: 400g 
  • Material: PET+EVA+SUNPOWER CELL+EVA+TPT(backsheet)

The Power Bus and Edge Connectors

The Power bus and edge connectors are  specially designed to be easy to expand at the same time as being very thin and strong 

1) Negative Edge Black 6.3mm Male and Female Custom Currentium Connectors

2) Positive Edge Red 7.8mm Male and Female Custom Currentium Connectors

Transcript from the Video:

The currentium solar panels are designed to be as versatile as possible. Easy to carry and adaptable to different use situations. Sometimes you want to charge on the go with limited space, sometimes you want to charge at a specific place where there is more space.

The design is as simple as possible at the same time as it can be adapted to almost any situation

Lets look at the details that make this possible.

The first part is that the individual solar panel is designed to be the smallest possible size that still puts out the maximum possible power. Any smaller and there would be introduced inefficiencies that would make them far less useful. The output is optimised so that the batteries can be charged with all the power generated by the panels, and no power needs to be wasted.

The second is that they are designed to be super simple to extend when you want more power or you have more space to catch the sun. At the bottom of each panel there are expansion connectors. They match the size of the top connectors so that you can not connect them the wrong way. Each powerbank can easily handle 4 solar panels for really fast solar charging. That means a full battery in a few hours, and all surplus power is then sent on to any of your tools and toys for use or charging, so at sunset, all your tools are fully charged and you have full power reserve to keep you going until sunrise.

To make expansion this easy we had to develop new connector designs that are incredibly strong and thin at the same time.

The third is mounting flexibility. As every user needs are different we choose to make the mounting options as versatile as possible. The panels can be bungied, tied, clipped, pinned or even screwed into temporary or semi permanent attachment wherever its most convenient. They can also quickly be folded up during travel or for safe storage.

The forth is that the panels are compatible with any system designed to charge 12v systems, as are any other panels compatible for 12v systems usable with the Currentium power banks.